The Swiss Society of Aerobiology (SGA/SSA)

The Swiss Society of Aerobiology (SGA/SSA) is an independent, non-profit, nationwide association with activities in the field of aerobiology.

The purpose of the society is:

To investigate the effects of biological and anthropogenic air pollution on the health of humans and their environment in an interdisciplinary way, especially with regard to allergic diseases.

  • To inform physicians and health providers as well as the public in the best possible way and thus serve as well individual as general prophylaxis of these diseases.
  • To bring together scientists of different fields and promote the interdisciplinary exchange and discussion in aerobiology.
  • To maintain the collaboration with international societies on Aerobiology

>> Statutes of the Swiss Society of Aerobiology (Version 2019)

>> Executive Committee

Address of the secretariat

Swiss Society of Aerobiology (SGA/SSA)
Scheibenstrasse 20
3014 - Bern

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