History of the SSA

The Swiss Working Group for Aerobiology

Between 1983 and 1993, the Swiss Working Group for Aerobiology established and operated a national pollen monitoring network. The intention was to establish a valid pollen calendar of trees and plants for the different climatic and geographical regions of Switzerland that were triggers for respiratory allergies. Yearly pollen reports of the measured pollen data were published and pollen forecasts for the media were produced.

In 1993, the Federal Department of Home Affaires (FDHA) formally commissioned the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss the mandate to operate the National Pollen Monitoring Network (NAPOL) - which has been providing this service ever since.


Yearly published pollen report by the Swiss working group for Aerobiology

Foundation of the Swiss Society of Aerobiology

In 1993 the Swiss Society of Aerobiology (SGA/SSA) was founded as the successor organisation to the working group. The SGA/SSA has the purpose of studying the effects of biological and anthropogenic particles and admixtures in the air on the health of humans and their environment. The society is multidisciplinary and thus open to all persons interested in the environment in relation to human health, e.g. botanists, microbiologists, chemists, meteorologists, environmental specialists, politicians and physicians.

Publication on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the SGA/SSA


Projects and working groups

Members of the SGA/SSA have participated in the SAPALDIA and SCARPOL studies, which have received worldwide attention and dealt with the effects of air pollutants including pollen grains on adults and children. Another working group was dedicated to the prevention of house dust mites. This work has resulted in the current information brochures with recommendations for remediation, such as encasing, etc. (the updated version is available from aha! Swiss Allergy Centre. Former and ongoing projects are: ragweed and invasive plants (occurrence in Switzerland and effect on health),  "Electronic Symptom Diary" (for patients with allergic respiratory diseases), mould spores (influence on allergic diseases),  and seroepidemiology (course and development of allergies in school leavers).

Any person and company interested in the interdisciplinary work and implementation of the goals of the society is invited to join and become a member.

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